Jamplay Review 2017

Jamplay is an interactive guitar learning website that guides interested people to learn the art of playing guitar in a simple and fun filled way. With the combination of video lessons and various social networking elements, it makes guitar learning a very interesting experience. Both beginners as well as experienced guitar players can become members of this website and learn the art of playing guitar seamlessly. If you are thinking whether you should also enroll yourself for this online course, you may want to go through this Jamplay review first as this will let you know about the various pros and cons of the online course.

Best Jamplay Review 2017

Understanding the basics

Before you get into the Jamplay review, you may want to learn about the website and the product a little bit more in details. At Jamplay, the lessons are basically categorized into three phases that are spread across 383 hours! The 1st phase, which is primarily designed for the beginners, will teach them about the basic fundamentals of the instrument and play it. It would help the user develop the basic concepts of playing the guitar chords, tuning the guitar, reading the music notes etc.

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The 2nd phase will teach the student about the different genres and styles of the guitar along with some advanced guitar techniques. You would be getting your chance play a song only when you reach the 3rd phase. With large number of song lessons along with multiple music games, learning to play guitar is sure a fun filled experience at Jamplay.

The positives

You get to learn from an expert panel of 80 teachers who are willing to share their cumulative experience of 2,844 years! You have a variety in the expertise levels of these teachers. While some are famous performing acoustics artists, some of them are rock and heavy metal artists who play in famous bands. With such amount of knowledge being shared online, you do not stand a chance of not being able to learn the art of playing guitar.

With the publishing of 11 hours of new lessons every 30 days, you get a chance to educate yourself with the most advanced techniques of playing guitar.

The quality of the video and audios that are uploaded on the website are top notch. You will get the best virtual training environment as you attend the lessons available at Jamplay.

There is a daily live Q&A section that allows the students to ask any question that might have got triggered while going through any of the lessons. These live sessions are available for8 hours daily for subscribed members, free of cost.

Subscription fees at Jamplay are very nominal. The monthly membership will cost you only $19.95 and the yearly one would cost you $159.95 only. You could also opt for a quarterly membership that is available at $49.95 only.

The only challenge

The only constraint that you can think of while writing a Jamplay review is that the contents of the website cannot be downloaded. This is more problematic when you take the online video lessons with a slow internet connection. The intermittent buffering of the videos could actually be a source of annoyance and disgust while you are trying to concentrate on the lesson.

Jamplay certainly provides a very innovative and interactive way to learn guitar. This is a wonderful platform for people who do not have the time or opportunity to attend regular guitar classes. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or you want to take your skills to the next level, this is the place to be at.